How to run a drop-shipping business

This MasterClass teaches you how to be an expert at Drop-Shipping in Kenya and Africa at large.

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Learn one of the most popular business models that does not require much upfront capital or time investment. Dropshipping is a business well suited to those with demanding careers as it is both flexible and easy to run. Njeri Maina, an advocate, mother and drop-shipping expert teaches you how to do the business and shares her tips for success.

Course Introduction

Welcome to the drop-shipping masterclass
24 sec

A welcome to the drop-shipping masterclass from the course instructor.

What is drop-shipping?

Description of the drop-shipping business model
2 min 24 sec

Discussion on what drop shipping is.

Customer trust

Building trust
3 min 47 sec

Building trust with clients

Physical location

Locating a shop
2 min 59 sec

A discussion on how to find the ideal space for a shop


Marketing for drop-shipping
4 min 18 sec

A discussion on marketing a drop-shipping business


Sourcing of drop-shipping goods
5 min 14 sec

A discussion on how to source for drop-shipping products.

Product coding

Coding of goods for drop-shipping
2 min 47 sec

Product coding for a drop-shipping business

Payment of FOB

Payment of Free On Board
4 min 54 sec

Payment of FOB by customers

Making the order

Ordering the drop-shipping goods
5 min 40 sec

Ordering goods for a drop-shipping business


Shipping the goods to Kenya
4 min 37 sec

Shipping of goods from suppliers to Kenya

Payment of freight

Payment of freight by customers
7 min 31 sec

A discussion on the payment of freight charges by clients

Clearance and dispatch

Clearing and dispatching goods to customers
6 min 48 sec

A discussion on the clearing of goods once they reach Kenya and their dispatch to customers.


Client follow-up
3 min 5 sec

A discussion on following up with clients after dispatching the goods to them

Record keeping

Keeping business records for drop-shipping
4 min 59 sec

A discussion on how to keep records for a drop-shipping business

Next shipment

Preparing for the next shipment
5 min 57 sec

A discussion on how to prepare for the next shipment after successfully finishing the last one.

Balancing Part 1

Balancing a day job and a side hustle
7 min 31 sec

Part 1 of a discussion on balancing a day job, side hustle and family life.

Balancing Part 2

Balancing a day job and side hustle 2
1 min 56 sec

Part 2 of the discussion on work-life balance.

Tips for moms part 1

Practical tips for working moms
2 min 46 sec

Tips for working moms part 1.

Tips for moms part 2

Practical tips for moms part 2
6 min 13 sec

Practical tips for working moms part 2.

Course ending

Ending of the masterclass
43 sec

Closure of the drop-shipping masterclass.

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