How to run a Shoe Selling business

This MasterClass teaches you how to set up and run a shoe selling business in Kenya.

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Shoes are a big hit with youth in Kenya and this presents a good business opportunity. In this course you will learn how to set up and run a shoe selling business in an urban area. The course is taught by Kevin Kamau who is an expert at shoe selling and has done it for several years. He walks you through how to set up and run a shoe shop.

MasterClass Introduction and Content

Introduction and Content
46 sec

An introduction to the masterclass and breakdown of the course content

Locating the business

Shop Location
5 min 26 sec

Choosing an ideal location for the shoe shop

Statutory requirements

Business Licenses
3 min 11 sec

The statutory requirements for a shoe selling business. Includes a discussion of the various licenses required.

Budgetary requirements

Budget for a Shoe Seller Business
12 min 22 sec

A discussion of the various budget components when setting up a shoe seller business.

Stocking the business

A discussion on the stocking of a shoe seller business
4 min 11 sec

A discussion on shop stocking.


Marketing a Shoe Seller Business
9 min 11 sec

How to do marketing for a shoe seller business


Delivering shoes to the customer
4 min 14 sec

A discussion on delivering goods to the customer after a sale is closed.

Payment Methods

Accepting Payments
3 min 24 sec

A discussion on the possible ways to accept payment in the shoe seller business.

Customer Service

Managing customer relationships
6 min 43 sec

A discussion on how to manage relationships with customers in a shoe seller business.

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How to run a Shoe Selling business
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