How to start a car wash

This course teaches you how to start and run your own car wash business. Taught by a Nairobi based entrepreneur.

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Car Wash and Detailing Business

Cars are everywhere and their numbers continue to increase daily. These cars need regular cleaning, detailing and other services in order to look good.

Learn the intricacies of setting up and running a car wash in this masterclass. Egline takes you through the steps of becoming a successful auto detailing entrepreneur.

Course Introduction

Car Wash Masterclass Introduction
2 min 31 sec

An introduction trailer to the car wash masterclass by Egline Jemtai

Course Curriculum

Car Wash Course Curriculum
3 min 18 sec

The major topics to be covered in the car wash course.


Budget required for a car wash
7 min 41 sec

A thorough discussion of the required budget for a car wash business. Learn how much capital is required and the different cost components of setting up a car wash.


Location for a car wash
2 min 26 sec

How to locate an ideal site for a car wash business


Best practice for recruiting and managing car wash employees
4 min 17 sec

A discussion on how to staff your car wash, how employees are paid and the things to watch out for in employees.


Basic equipment needed for a car wash business
3 min 22 sec

A breakdown of the basic machines and equipment you need to start a car wash.

Legal Requirements

Legal prerequisites when starting a car wash
3 min 22 sec

The legal and regulatory requirements to consider when starting up a car wash.

Infrastructure Requirements

Infrastructure requirements for a car wash business
3 min 18 sec

The infrastructure required at the car wash business premises.

Services Offered

Quick mention of the different services a car wash can offer
3 min 10 sec

A discussion of the basic services and mention of advanced services that can be offered at a car wash.

Pricing Services

How to price services and the criteria for this pricing
2 min 51 sec

How to price the services you offer in your car wash.

Expected Income

A discussion of the income to expect and how to increase it
4 min 24 sec

A candid discussion of the kind of income you can expect from running a car wash.

Balancing Employment and Business

How to do business while working a full time job
3 min 59 sec

Useful strategies for balancing a day job with a side business for the employed entrepreneur.

Raising Capital

How to raise startup capital for your car wash
5 min 25 sec

How to raise the initial capital required to launch a basic car wash.

Record Keeping

Basic record keeping for a car wash
5 min 15 sec

A discussion on the records to keep in a car wash and their importance.

Expert Tips

Practical tips for successfully running a car wash from personal experience
5 min 58 sec

Tips and advice to help make your car wash startup successful.

Yes, there will be follow up courses from this instructor on how to offer specific services such as car detailing.
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How to start a car wash